poke rat

Vague FAQ

  • Can you cheat? Yes. Should you cheat? Well, I have the power to manually expunge scores, but if it brings you closer to rat, then really, who I am I to judge.
  • Is the high-scores submission encrypted? Technically. Wait, is it encrypted in a rat-related way? Yes. Preemptive apologies for when the high-scores server inevitably explodes.
  • Any data collected? Nope, purely rat related glory.

Easy Credits links

Rat Menu Music: Faithful Mission - Artificial.Music
Rat Click Music: There it Is - Zayfall
Rat: @ReverieWisp

Updated 25 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Blender
TagsClicker, rat
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksHomepage (ish)


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is there only one hat or are there more?

Only one for now, but if people want more hats then who am I to deny public will. New-Hat-Technology™ will be investigated!

yaay more hats for rats

PLEASE.. I cannot rat.. I have tried to play this game on different devices and none will run. I crave only rat and I have faith that if I can ever commit rat within this game I will enjoy it very much

Oh no! What operating systems/devices and browsers are you trying to behold the rat on? I can't recreate locally at the moment :(

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Technical info for the curious: This issue is likely now resolved. Project is a unity project built with webGL, and by default it will try to set up a cache. The issue is a timing one - if the network connection is a bit slow for whatever reason or happens out of order, you'll get a message in the browser's console saying "[UnityCache] indexedDB database could not be opened". Since this is cache related, you can disable the cache in builds under Project Settings>Player>HTML5>Publishing Settings>Data Caching which doesn't make a huge different for loading in most cases, particularly with smaller projects.

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While a bit late, I found someone else with the same issue and was able to sort it out for them, so it may work for you now. If you give it a go again, let me know how if it works for you!


Phew! My fingers are tired! What a lovely game! I come back here every day when on my lunch break with my friends and we try to beat our high scores! ( I'm OX on the leaderboards) We always end up laughing our butts off because of the dancing rat! Anyways, thank you for making this lovely game!

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Thanks much, glad you enjoy it! I'll do my best not to accidentally ruin the high-scores server, still learning about how to make that all work well. If nothing else, screenshots of the local 'recent rat' number to prove your rat-poking excellence should continue to work even if the worst happens! :D